Natasha C Kukuk OTD

Natasha’s experience as an occupational therapist include over 30 specialized years in the field of  pediatrics in private and public schools, home based and private practice, treating children with a wide range of developmental challenges.

She has worked as an international occupational therapist in three different continents and earned her doctorate in occupational therapy in the USA, where she has worked and resided for 17 years. As a SIPT certified therapist and with several other advance trainings and certifications under her belt, she continues to be passionate about all aspects of child development with an emphasis on Sensory Integration and Processing Disorders.

Before becoming an independent international consultant, she served as the director of OT services for 8 years at a prestigious private pediatric clinic where her duties  included  acting as OT department coordinator and manager for 4 major school districts, serving 94 schools. She has supervised many fieldwork students in both private clinic and school based settings and collaborated in research projects at different educational institutions. She has authored ‘My Write Moves’ and is the creator of a successful multi-sensory activities based handwriting program, My Might Hands. She has developed and implemented successful school based OT service models and curriculum based sensory programs for clinic and school settings. She has been an active presenter at national conferences, in-services and training events for community and professional groups and she continues to create and present continuing education courses across the US. Her move to Germany expanded her opportunities as an international consultant, where she is actively involved in several task groups of the Sensory Integration German Association (SIGA) of which she is a founding member.