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We are committed to an environment that encourages open communication with all parties involved and it is our intent to be as reasonable and fair as possible. 

The first line of communication between learners and the provider, should be between the learner and any presenter and or host representative. With open communication every learner should feel comfortable raising issues of concern or importance. The host representative and presenters are responsible for listening to concerns and suggestions and responding appropriately. In situations where a learner feels that the host representative or presenters' response or solution has been unjust or inequitable, the learner should bring forward his or her concerns with the School Based OT Outside of the Box (SBOT) administrator in person or in writing to  The issues should be brought forward immediately. The course sponsor and  presenters together will gather and review the relevant facts and provide a response to the learner.  A response to the learner will be provided in a timely manner, generally within the same day and in unusual circumstances, at most 10 days after the initial complaint was received. If a concern was brought forward on the first day and a solution was not found, the learner will receive a full refund minus the $30 administration fee. If a concern was brought forward on the second day of the course, and a solution to the concern was not found, the learner will receive a 50% refund on his or her registration fee. Any other complaints or issues should be brought forward within 10 days after the course in writing per email to the course adminsitrator at, stating the facts of the complaint and reason why the complaint was not brought forward at the time of the event. A partial or full refund will be considered if no resolution to the complaint can be found.

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